The daily and weekly institution Jihlava is a home for handicapped people. Our mission is to provide quality social services to our users. We place emphasis on respecting our users’ rights, friendly climate and a pleasant surround. We also try to lead our users to the most independence and self activity. Our effort is to bring the ordinary way of living with the support of the individual users´ needs, close cooperation with families of our users and supporting their connection with the family and domestic surround. We inform people in public with our activity problems about handicapped people and we try to fight against prejudice and negative assessment.

SEAT: Královský Vršek 1106/9,586 01 Jihlava

FOUNDER: Statutory town Jihlava

LEGAL FORM: allowance organization

STATUTORY REPRESENTATIVE: Mgr.Eva Pohořelá, director


  • daily institution
  • weekly institution

USERS TARGET GROUP: children and adults mentally and combined handicapped


  • 30 places in the daily institution
  • 28 places in the weekly institution

OPERATION TIME: the daily institution is operating in working days from 6 to 16

the weekly institution is operating in working days from 6 on Monday to 18 h on Friday.


  • individual approach to the user, respecting of users ‘needs and choice
  • protection of users’ rights
  • an effort to reach the possibly independence and self-reliance by users and bringing closer the ordinary way of living – providing of support, not the complete care
  • partnership in relations among users, providers and families, we place emphasis on mutual cooperation and knowledgeableness
  • integration – cooperation with the public, increasing of knowledgeableness in the public, participation of our users in the ordinary social life
  • teamwork, uniform attitude of our employees to users, support of employees professional growth
  • friendly surround and climate


Every user has got the individual service plan in which is specified his personal target (what the user wishes to achieve). Individual service plan is made by the key worker and based on the talk with the user. The worker of the direct care makes also the educational and activation plan for every user. On the basis of individual, educational and activation plans are users motivated to choose from the offer of our activities.